The Origin Story of Monsters Book 5: Grindylow Ambush

Halsey and Brigham Ambrosius’ task in the English countryside isn’t quite over. The barghest may have been slain, but they have one task remaining.

Figure out what happened to the people in the abandoned village of Coningsby.

Frankly, the mission isn’t over until they clean up the barghest’s mess because we all know, Halsey always completes her missions.

It’s a good thing the copper orb can help heal the locals from what was a deadly monster poison. But how to do it covertly without letting civilians know who or what Haley is?

What else can the beautiful orb do?

Hopefully staying in the UK a little longer can help her get the answers.

Halsey has accepted an invitation from the handsome Seamus Havalon, and said goodbye for now to her cousin.

What she doesn’t tell Brigham is she’s meeting with a monk from the Order of Skrár. Will she get the answers she needs or end up in dangerous trouble?

Halsey needs confirmation that the Mother of Monsters is back and an explanation of the new magic she has barely begun to understand.

Will Halil Aydem provide the answers? Too bad Halsey may be walking into the a monstrous trap and a heaving swarm of grindylows.

Without her cousin watching her back, Halsey will have to pull some seriously dangerous stunts if she wants to survive to fight a monster another day.

Can she survive the ambush or at least walk away with all her parts?