The School of Roots and Vines Book 3: Sophie Briggs and the Lightning Weapon

New responsibilities, new classes, new challenges.

The first semester of sophomore year at the famous School of Roots and Vines has begun for life Elemental Sophie Briggs and her friends.

Although Year Two brings a whirlwind of change, some things feel straight out of a not-so-ancient past.

Sophie and Marcus become Combat Mentors, giving them more time together.

Until Marcus’ secret internship makes him miss more and more school.

Something strange is happening, and things point directly at the ESCB– and Marcus.

Is he becoming the villain he once was? Sophie sure hopes not.

Will history repeat itself? Can Sophie Briggs and her friends overcome the ESCB’s newest threat?

Get your copy to find out! Continue Sophie Briggs and her friends’ adventures in Sophie Briggs and the Lightning Weapon!