The Warrior Book 12: Ride The Thunder

An international mission tracking the source of monsters, and a familiar surprise, await the Elemental, Idina Moorfield and Hellion’s Bravo Team.

Now that they’ve recognized the pattern, Idina and her unit need to close the Monstrous Pandora’s Box to balance out the scales after defeating the Olc.

But supernatural entities in Scotland are nothing like what Bravo Team has dealt with back home. Neither is magic. That’s a problem when their primary objective is to get in, stop the source of monsters, and get back out.

When everything leads Idina and her team back to her Muirden ancestral home in Scotland, the mission takes on a completely different meaning none of them saw coming.

Is this all tied to Idina and Richard and their Warrior powers? Is this about more than just monsters and magic?

The answers may lie in the small town near Tigh Ghleann Estate. If only the small town wouldn’t keep disappearing

Protecting the locals from a few wayward monsters is just part of the job. Creating new honorary Muirden Warriors isn’t.

Will Idina and her team be willing to lay down their arms and sacrifice it all to return magic and monsters to balance?

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