The Warrior Book 2: Charlie Foxtrot 101

Idina Moorfield is officially a soldier in the army – with a little extra firepower. Her dark and magical little secret.

Can she keep the new powers under control?

Jump School may be her undoing.

It takes focus, determination, and steely courage to face her fears and jump out of a C-130 aircraft from 1,200 feet. That’s exactly what brings Idina’s abilities forward at inconvenient moments.

Her magical abilities are acting up and changing. Visions of someone else’s past pop up at the wrong time. In them, voices talk about the Warrior.

Is Idina the new Warrior?

Can she put together the pieces of her family’s mysterious past to understand what is going on in her present and future?

She’s determined to earn her Wings despite it all.

But there are creature out there wanting her to fall. She has to figure out how to fight them on an Army base and not have her magic discovered.

Will she succeed? Or will she have to explain and risk the curiosity or wrath of the US Army?

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