The Warrior Book 5: Chew The Bullet

Idina Moorfield isn’t the only one on her team with unusual powers.

Her buddy, Stop remembers everything he sees, and Cake is a new kind of man of steel.

That’s the last two, which means everyone in Idina’s unit has a unique talent.

Why would the Army want to bring them all together?

Her commander, Hines is still refusing to answer her questions. She’s on a need-to-know basis, and right now, she doesn’t need to know.

But Idina’s untapped powers are getting stronger and more aggressive. Not knowing on a battlefield can get someone hurt.

When they’re sent on a special mission, will she be able to use her green energy against the enemy?

The journal may hold all the answers but so far, it’s not giving up its secrets easily. Idina doesn’t give up either and like it or not, more will be revealed.

Grab your copy to find out what happens next.