The Witch Next Door Book 6: Return of the Witch

Has anyone seen Greta Antony? Time to get a witch, a werewolf and a Winnie across the water to follow the next dangerous clue.

Lily and Romeo are offered a deal to get them across the sea to Libya and retrieve a needed sacred relic.

Heed this warning – Magic often comes with a price and an artifact from the God of Dreams is going to be no exception.

A high-speed car chase through the Sahara, hybrid magicals, and a warded cage almost end Lily’s quest—but did you forget about her shadow-bird?

Follow the light and battle through to the end or follow the dark and take a shortcut. Better choose soon Lily, because what The Black Heron does to your mom is going to happen to you.

Can Lily let go of her fear and trust her powers to finish the quest and find her mom?

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