WarMage Redux Book 3: Scale and Fire

How can Raven and Leander stop a war with a distant kingdom? First try to make nice. When that fails, bring along your fire-breathing dragon.

Raven is still serving in her kingdom’s special forces. Her latest mission is a special request to restore peace and return the prisoners of Malenspire.

The island kingdom is far away and Raven has time to think about telling the king she was responsible for his son’s death.

Will the journey end in a dangerous battle?

Or does the king have a surprise request for Raven that could change the course of her life?

Raven will turn to her trusted dragon and ask Leander to stand by her side as she makes up her mind. Do what the king asks to end the wars or march on into battle.

Get your copy to find out what happens when Raven, Bella, and STAR take to the seas on their newest adventure!