WarMage Redux Book 4: Red Raven

What do you get when you mix a feud with a fleet of dragons?

A fiery war with Raven at the front of the charge.

The king knows Raven killed his son and he doesn’t want revenge. He wants help finding an heir to replace him. What kind of twisted plot is this?

If she doesn’t help him, Raven can’t complete her most important mission.

But there’s something else going on here. The Malendesh army are using the dangerous, magical ore to hide and abuse their sea serpents during war exercises. The foreign military’s up to something dark. Has their king noticed?

Will Raven and Bella stop a mutiny on Malenspire before the island is overrun?

Leander, the fierce and loyal red dragon may hold the key to solving the mystery and saving the day. Read on to find out in the next adventure of Raven and her loyal dragon.

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