WarMage Redux Book 7: Against The Dark

New creatures in the kingdom are magically mutating—and attacking legionnaires.

Fortunately, Raven and her dragon have Chui Welby on her side and an entire division of elite legionnaires approved to use battle magic. How hard could fighting off a few new monsters really get?

The island kingdom of Malenspire has agreed to the exchange of foreign guests. It’s just her luck that Raven and Leander are assigned to chaperone the Malendesh newcomer—who turns out to not be so new.

Raven will have to fit in keeping an eye on a curious Rafu, maintaining her very new relationship with Chui, and continuing to train STAR with battle magic.

But what about the monsters?

There are still an unknown number of mutated creatures out there, which could attack the citizens of Lomberdoon whenever they feel like it. Plus, her best friend’s about to get married.

With her snarky dragon familiar, Leander by her side, Raven Alby will handle it all.

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