WarMage Redux Book 8: The Crimson Assault

Welcome to the Threndoren wedding. Raven is there with Chui by her side, along with all of Brighton.

But who is that with William Moss?

No time to figure it out. The dragons grow restless, and the dogs start barking – An ominous sign.

The ‘I do’s’ are broken up by giant frogs crashing the ceremony and attacking the guests. Murphy is ready with her axe, fighting them off in her wedding dress.

Is there enough of the shrinking potion to take care of the rest?

Raven needs to find a solution before the next creature to morph is something more deadly. She seeks out the alchemists who may have a plan.

Everything is leading to an epic battle for Raven and her brave, red dragon.

But will the return of an unexpected Mage change everything for Raven? So many questions left to answer and all of them coming your way.