Both Fran and Raven are facing more magic, more problems


Two new releases for you should make this week better despite losing sleep…

What better way to start off the week than with a new release? Except this week we have TWO new releases!

Fran, Cam, Mana Wave, and the Evermores are dealing with trying to recapture the source and other problems as well in Magic Adventure. They sure have their hands full, especially considering the dead are rising from their graves. Can our friends figure out what they need to do to set everything straight? Grab your copy to find out. It launched yesterday so it’s available for reading today!

Then today Against the Dark was released. Raven, Leander, Chui and the rest of them are back and the kingdom is having to deal with random creatures becoming not just giant, but magical. Determining how to fight each new mutation isn’t as easy as it sounds. Can they find a solution before it’s too late? Grab your copy to find out!

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Coming your way next week is Rogue Agents Unbroken. Have you preordered your copy? Then the following week Chew The Bullet comes out.  Preorder your copies now!

Until next time…

Smokey’s been arrested, Fran has gone viral, and Enfield took a long, painful drop down a waterfall.

Worse yet, the dead are rising from their graves.

Woodrow and Wilson are leaving nothing to chance and have taken a blood oath, sealed in magic, to capture the Source.

Can it work?

Fran and Cam are trying to understand the prophecies better. The answers might be harder to track down than they hoped.

Will they be able to find the other pages and decipher what they mean in time?

The Evermores are back to chasing after the Source. The longer it’s loose, the more damage can be done to the kemanas. Will they be able to recapture it and restore magic to the kemanas?

Get your copy to join Fran, Cam, Mana Weave and the Evermores as they face a council meeting, deal with a mutant bear attack, attend an underground auction, and fight the undead.

New creatures in the kingdom are magically mutating—and attacking legionnaires.

Fortunately, Raven and her dragon have Chui Welby on her side and an entire division of elite legionnaires approved to use battle magic. How hard could fighting off a few new monsters really get?

The island kingdom of Malenspire has agreed to the exchange of foreign guests. It’s just her luck that Raven and Leander are assigned to chaperone the Malendesh newcomer—who turns out to not be so new.

Raven will have to fit in keeping an eye on a curious Rafu, maintaining her very new relationship with Chui, and continuing to train STAR with battle magic.

But what about the monsters?

There are still an unknown number of mutated creatures out there, which could attack the citizens of Lomberdoon whenever they feel like it. Plus, her best friend’s about to get married.

With her snarky dragon familiar, Leander by her side, Raven Alby will handle it all.



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