Can Johnny, Lisa, Charlie and the hounds stop a war? Get your copy to find out!


Another weekend is here!

The week sped right past us and it’s already the weekend again. The downside is it is a much shorter weekend than last week.

Martha and Craig will be off on their road trip across Texas and other Southern locations next week. If you are scheduled to meet with them, I hope you have a lot of fun! Be sure to take pictures and share them with us!

Since it is the weekend, you know that means fan pricing Saturday is here. Dwarfin’ Done is 99 cents today only. Don’t miss out on the exciting conclusion to the Dwarf Bounty Hunter series!

The boxed set sales continue this week with the School of Necessary Magic Full Boxed Set – Alison Brownstone. It’s just 99 cents. Read the story that shows how Alison Brownstone became who she is.

If you missed the week-long sale for the Summer Solstice Shenanigans anthology and still want to grab a copy of the book, you have a little bit of time left. It goes away at the end of the month.

And it’s your last chance to preorder A Mom, A Wand, And A Mission! It releases tomorrow. Another exciting conclusion to a series is here! Don’t miss out!

Lunch Together While Apart was postponed until October. So if you were missing us on Friday, that’s what happened.

Until next time…

Check out these reviews!

“Really enjoyed the book, the characters & the supporting characters! Rex & Luther were fantastic as the leads! To add their bounty-hunter dwarf & his two-legs HalfLight Elf was genius! Family is important. Especially to canines.

Martha Carr, this fan is routing for you. Stay beautiful.”
–M. Kea Smith

“Carr and Anderle have once again brought us another, and last, book in the Johnny Walker series. This one hit s a bit harder on the connection to family, and is truly heartwarming! Great ending to a fantastic series, and I can’t wait to see what outer intrepid authors give us next!”
–Kindle Customer

“Wow! I didn’t see that coming…

I highly recommend this action-packed book, and the series associated with it, to all readers who love excellent Urban Fantasy. Enjoy!”
–Kindle Customer


See what fans are saying!

“Loved every minute of this…… sold on the authors.”
–Kindle Customer

“I don’t normally read YA books but I decided to give this set a try and I am so glad that I did. I was unable to put them down and now I’m looking forward to the next set. The characters are wonderful especially Alison and Izzie. The friendship they have will last lifetime. I would tell everyone no matter what your age or gender read this box set. You won’t regret it.I give it 5 stars and 👍👍👍👍👍”

“A great 8 book series about the school and the students. It’s meant for the young adult but us old folks can use a little magic in our lives. The authors created some great characters. I enjoyed it!”
–Bill Schindler


This anthology is going away around the middle of the month. Do you have your copy?

A full-moon solstice. Let the magic flow. Feel the power.

Fae come out to play, vampires rove from dusk til dawn, and werewolves howl. Do they howl…

On this one fateful night, out come the witches, demons, vampires, shifters, and fantastic creatures in a celebration of magic and mayhem. Some spells can only be cast or curses broken on this rare, enchanted night.

If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path but beware of getting forever lost. There’s trouble around every corner amidst the glow of the supernatural.

This summer solstice anthology includes twenty-five brand new, never before published, urban fantasy short stories from international bestselling authors as well as exciting new talent.

Read it today.



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