Can the Rogue Agents prove victorious again? Only one way to find out.


Another farewell is almost here…

Did you have a wonderful weekend? Did you hide and find eggs or celebrate another way? Did you plant flowers or your garden this weekend? For some places, it’s tradition to plant their garden on Good Friday. In many places, it was wonderful weather to get everything planted. No matter what you did, I hope you had a great weekend!

All good things come to an end. The last book in the Rogue Agents of Magic is out with Rogue Victory. Diana and the team are fighting three sets of enemies. They have allies to help, but will it be enough? Join our favorite Rogue Agents of Magic on their last adventure! Grab your copy!

Next week, Fight Where I Am releases. Have you preordered your copy? Other books available for preorder include The Magic Mirror and Magic Awakens. More preorders for new series will be coming soon!

Until next time…

Read what the fans are saying!

“Great End To The Series.

All the major plot lines get resolved. Still a few plot twists occur. Still an opening for another series with the agents.”

“Tremendous end book to this series!

Congratulations to T.R. Cameron, Martha Carr and Michael Anderle for this amazing series. It’s extremely hard to find such interesting and exciting authors who not only write intelligently but also provide top rated plots, characters and excitement in the stories. I’m really looking forward to the next series!”



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