Can Winland sort out the truth from the lies? Find out in Five If By Flight


Things are changing all around Winland…

Martha finished up the Gardener’s throne this weekend and is on to creating animals for the Dark Forest. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see more pictures from her house by the weekend! I know I’m looking forward to them.

​​The citizens of East Calico Rock have grown in the short time Winland was away, learning how to take care of themselves – even capturing Erickson and putting him in jail. Can Winland leave them alone for even longer while she searches for her mom? Will she be able to decipher fact from fiction in everything she’s learning? Grab your copy of Five If By Flight to continue her story today!

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Winland Underwood wasn’t gone long from East Calico Rock, but a lot has changed.

The least of which is the citizens were able to capture the Silver Griffin traitor, Erickson, without her.

But more refugees keep arriving, and the town is expanding. Erickson wasn’t the only threat to everyone’s safety.

Can the young witch leave them alone while she goes in search of her mother? Or will a hidden menace move in while she’s gone?

Hector Fang has a plan of his own and it involves Winland. Good or bad, he has a thing for Winland and he hopes he can convince her to join him.

Then there’s Erickson. He can’t be contained in a jail forever. Winland hopes to get answers out of him, but will she like them?

The story she’s built about her life may be unraveling. Can she believe anything she’s told?

The Fixer’s daughter will have to decipher the truth from the lies herself and hope they lead to her mother or the warrior witch. And if she’s lucky they’re one and the same.

Get your copy to join Winland as she continues the search for her mom!




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