Sneak Peek: Chapter 1 of Magic Street Boogie

The Dwarf behind the bar yelled, “Hey, idiots. Knock it off.” Cali Leblanc slapped the reaching hands of the frat boy foursome away as she made her way back to the long divider of polished wood that separated the owner from his patrons. She set the tray down a little harder than intended and shook […]

Sneak Peek! Chapter 1 of Making Magic!

“Are you kidding me? A five-year-old could draw a better map than this.” Laura Hadstrom turned the piece of paper sideways, upside-down, and back to what she thought was right-side up. “Okay, maybe that five-year-old was me. But still. Dad didn’t even put a compass in the corner…” Her hand reflexively went to her back […]

Sneak Peek: Chapter Two of The Magic Legacy

Through the entire commencement ceremony, Emily just wanted to fast-forward to where she got to throw her hat into the air and start screaming. The other University of Texas graduates beside her shot annoyed glances at her rapidly bouncing knee. To calm down, Emily closely examined the cropped hair of the young man sitting in […]

Sneak Peek: The Magic Legacy – Chapter 1

The thirteenth-century bronze dagger in Laura Hadstrom’s hand sent a sharp buzz through her fingertips and up her arm. “Oh—” Both her hands wrapped around the vibrating hilt so she wouldn’t drop the thing. “You’re really hummin’ now,” she said, looking up at the lone willow surrounded by green, shimmering water. “Okay, fifth trip here […]

Sneak Peek: Arcane Ops Chapter 1

Ice shards rained down at Diana from all directions, her attacker’s abilities sufficiently impressive to threaten her from every angle. She responded with a raised-arm spin that created a shell of frozen power around her and pulled energy from the matching magic as the icicles struck and failed to penetrate. She smiled through the barrier […]

Sneak Peek: Witch Way To Go Chapter 1

“There’s no way it’s this easy.” Lily’s 2002 Winnebago Adventurer rolled slowly down Iliff Avenue in Lakewood, Colorado. Beside her in the passenger seat, Romeo chuckled. “You know, it’s totally okay to accept that something’s going your way. If it’s easy, let it be easy.” Lily kept her focus on the addresses moving past them. […]