New Release! Book 13 of Alison Brownstone Now Available!

Sometimes even a Brownstone needs to get away from it all. Did the bad guys not get the memo? Alison Brownstone is on vacation. Do not disturb. Oh they disturbed. But when your mom is Shay Carson and she makes two requests of you, you take them seriously. 1. Go on a father-daughter bounty hunt. […]

New Release! Book 11 of Alison Brownstone Now Available!

Alison bloodied the Tapestry, but has she defeated them? With her foes operating under the radar, Alison thinks she has time for reviewing pet parks and PR jobs, but when the mysterious magic-enhancing drug Ultimate arrives in Seattle, she is faced with a shocking conspiracy that might reach from Las Vegas to Seattle. Sadistic wizards […]

SFF Book Bonanza – 99 cent books March 18-24

SFF Book Bonanza is sponsoring a week of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books at 99 cents. Waking Magic, book 1 of the Leira Chronicles, is included in the sale. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, get yours today! And, while you’re at it, check out some other authors too for only 99 cents. Check out […]

  Happy Holidays from Yumfuck Tiberius Troll, Leira Berens and Yorrek, the Brownstones, Daniel, Raine, and the rest of us in the Oriceran universe!   See you next year!    

Shocker is out on Amazon and in KU…

Yeah, it’s me – I’m William Graves. I’m rebooting my first novel from 1993 – Shocker – a classic and written before cell phones were in vogue. Back then we avoided people who talked to themselves on the street. Now, I’m one of them. It’s amazing that I was a journalist traveling back roads to […]


Like mugs? Like Trolls? Just like to win things? Enter the one-of-a-kind giveaway presented by everyone’s favorite troll, YTT! (And if you don’t know who YTT is, you’re missing out. You can meet him in Waking Magic the first book in the Leira Chronicles. But be warned. He has a mouth that makes even the […]

The Troll Takes Over the Newsletter

  There’s a NEW newsletter  written by YTT, everyone’s favorite Troll! He’s got attitude and sass and some great tips. (Cheetos flavored chicken anyone?) The troll is also giving away short stories, wallpaper for your computer, .99 cent release days and has some tips on dating, best shows on Netflix… Sign up is on the […]