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Happy Saturday!

Martha wanted me to be sure and thank all of you who sent her messages on Tuesday while she was getting her treatment. She really appreciated it! She’s off to a friend’s wedding in Chicago this weekend but I know she’s got ideas cooking while she’s gone.

I’ve seen some of the new covers for the upcoming series that will be coming all of your way. I think you will be excited to see them in a few more weeks!

Fan Pricing Saturday is here! If you don’t have your copy of The Drow Lineage yet, today’s the perfect time to pick it up! It’s just 99 cents today only! Be sure to get your copy before the price goes back up tomorrow.

Have you picked up your copy of Summer Solstice Shenanigans yet? If not you only have two months left! Get it today!

We’ll have some preorders for you next week! Keep an eye out for them!

Until next time…​​​

Have you checked out The Drow Lineage yet? If not, see what the fans are saying!

“Omg you will laugh and cry. These books are so great. I’m looking forward to reading more. I couldn’t wait. I love these books.”



Have you checked out Summer Solstice Shenanigans yet? If not, check out these reviews!

“Many good stories from authors new to me!

Very good to great Urban / Magic / Fantasy stories mostly of strong, capable, and occasionally humorous, female lead characters. This genre is not my core reading, as many other authors I’ve read in these genres have had an underlying bitterness which is absent in these stories.

The book is highly recommended for itself, and as a gateway to many readable new authors.”

“What a great read.. chock full of stories different in their own right. I enjoyed reading these short stories.. there’s so many different adventures all wrapped in one book.”
–Linda K.

“I really enjoyed all the stories in this anthology. I bought it because it had a few of my authors in it and found several more that I will be looking into.”
–Julie Y.


Over 1600+ pages of magic and mayhem, action and humor fill this snarky urban fantasy boxed set.
A dangerous job, a pair of pint-sized familiars on her shoulders, a crush on a constellation …

No wonder Theo Apollonia’s relationship status just says, “It’s complicated.

Snarky thief Theo Apollonia has life figured out: steal priceless artifacts—pay off her debts.

But when she and her familiars, Simon and Garfunkel, botch their most dangerous heist yet, they find themselves on the wrong side of a powerful demigod …

Turns out all the legends are true. Banished demigods really do hold grudges.

They’re also dangerous.

Now Theo must take on powerful mythical guardians, warring gangs and an underground arena where mythical creatures battle to the death.

First rule of mythical Fight Club: everyone dies.

More is at stake than just the her life and the lives of her friends. If not stopped, the world will wake to a dark new day … and an even darker new god.

Theo has a decision to make: Run to protect those she loves, or fight with the slim hope she can stop the apocalypse.

Over 150,000 words of octane-fueled magic and mayhem fill this slow-burn urban fantasy adventure.

BOOK 1: Axes and Angels

BOOK 2: The Good, the Bad and the Thief

BOOK 3: Stuck Between a Halo and a Hard Place

BOOK 4: Axe Me No Questions

BOOK 5: No Better Demons

From the twisted minds of Ramy Vance and Matthew Herrmann comes a new epic urban fantasy adventure unlike anything seen before.


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