Coming Attractions

2019 is just getting started and already there’s so many good stories rolling your way! You love Brownstone? Meet the Florida version – Franklin. A bounty hunter straight out of the bayou who likes to keep things simple Southern style in Red Shirt Monster Bounties coming in May.

But wait, there’s more!

Vicki is a young vampire teenager in the 1600’s who goes to sleep one day and wakes up 400 years later to find the world has changed, her parents are gone and the castle has been turned into an Air BNB. Danger has followed her through the centuries and she has to get to America with a father and his daughter where he insists she’s got to go to school. What could go wrong? Still working on this series name. Coming in May.

Need more?

I already know you love this next one! We gave you a snippet and you let us know – this one already sounds hot. TR Cameron is the newest collaborator in the Oriceran Universe writing the Federal Agents of Magic series. Less than two weeks till you get your first taste on March 21st!

Just one more…

Martha’s been talking about it for over a year, you’ve been patiently waiting. The Peabrain Adventures starts with Maggie Parker finding out magic is everywhere. Find the compass save the world. Meanwhile, maybe figure out how to go on a date. Only a few more weeks!


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