Discover more about Estelle in this new Leira Chronicles short story


It’s the story you’ve all been waiting for…

Martha has a special treat for all of you and in fact, she’s taking over the newsletter from me today! Enjoy!


I’m hard at work writing (of course), and one of the things I’m working on, well several of the things I’m working on are the next set of books in The Leira Chronicles. They will be out in 2023 and there will be enough to make it worth this very long wait.

In the meantime, here’s a short story, Estelle and the Last Prophecy to tide you over. Not only will you get to know Estelle a little better and find out some more about this mysterious Austin bar owner, there are also clues about what’s coming next year.

For some, this will let you know the pieces of the story you’ve been asking about the most will finally be told. (No spoilers in the newsletter, just in case.) For others, maybe this is your first introduction to Leira and Correk, and a certain troll. This will give you a taste – and a link to find more. A lot more.

So, enjoy the story, and as always and for evermore, A Big Thank You to the most wonderful, caring Fans out there. A lot more adventures to follow.



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