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Before we talk about books this weekend, I’d thought I’d share a picture Martha has shared of the progress on her Dark Forest which will be taking over her front yard for Halloween. She’s currently building the Gardner’s throne. Check it out! And she’s planning to be a dryad for Halloween. I also hear there is going to be a dear with feathers in his antlers. The final project will be amazing!

Fan pricing Saturday is here! Get your copy of Sophie Briggs and the Crystal Contraption to continue Sophie and her friends adventures today. A new student who is potentially the new bad guy. It will be interesting to see how things play out as the series continues. Remember to grab your copy today before the price goes back to normal on Sunday.

If you haven’t picked up Goth Drow Unleashed Boxed Set One and Goth Drow Unleashed Boxed Set Two yet, they’re still on sale for 99 cents. Grab your copies! Note: This contains all 6 of the BIG Goth Drow Books (or the 18 of the broken out Goth Drow Unleashed Series), so you are getting all of the books two boxed sets. If you were wanting to reread it, it’s the perfect chance to do it!

Other preorders releasing in the next month:

And more will be coming soon!

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The second semester has begun for the Life Elemental, Sophie Briggs and her friends at the famous School of Roots and Vines. Things are changing and it may not be for the best.

Even Sophie is changing, though she doesn’t see her new abilities, yet.

Just what is going on?

A new girl comes to the school and it’s not too long before the fabled tree of Thicket Hall is turning against Sophie and her friends and no longer trusts them.

Someone new has stepped up, but who?

Something’s not right and Sophie and her friends are going to have to figure out what’s going on or it just might be the end of the school and the old oak tree – permanently.

Is the new girl behind this? Is she the new Marcus?

Can Sophie figure out what’s going on and get her friends to work together to stop it in time?



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