Fan pricing, contest ending, and a road trip – it’s an exciting weekend!

May 15

Fan pricing, a contest is ending soon and a road trip, oh my!

The week has sped past us again and the weekend is here. That can only mean one thing. Fan Pricing Saturday is here and we have two great books on sale for 99 cents this weekend only. Continue Lucy and her family’s adventures with Rogue Mom. Then join Cheyenne and Ember as they continue their adventures in The Teacher and The Drow.

Don’t forget about the contest for U.S. Residents only to win a gift card for food delivery! The Leira Chronicles are out now and go on sale soon! Check them out below! The contest ends on Monday!

Did you hear about the upcoming road trip this fall? If not, details are down below but you have to sign up fast because spaces are filling up! I know Martha is looking forward to seeing all of you and she has her pockets full of fun things to give to fans! You won’t want to miss out if you’re near those cities.

Until next time…

Check out these reviews of Rogue Mom!

“Extraordinary!  highly recommend this magical book, and the imaginative series and spin-offs thereof, to readers of all ages, who love reading Kick butt Urban Fantasy. Enjoy!”
–Kindle Customer”Who thought that you were not safe in your dreams? Ok we have all had a nightmare or two but this is different!”
–A. Zdunczyk

Things have changed and the Crown is looking for Cheyenne. Where is she hiding? Where they least expect her – in plain sight.

Note: The Sword and the Drow was originally published as a part of the megabook The Drow There and Nothing More.

The Crown has been forcing people to move into the city. Easier to control. They’ve even been ruining the Outers to make life outside the city difficult at best, impossible at worst. Cheyenne needs to do something about it – fast.

It will come with great risks. The Crown is everywhere.

Can Cheyenne trust L’zar? He is her father after all. Will that mean anything?

Will Cheyenne and Ember be able to survive the next ritual they have to go through and take the fight back to the Crown?


Celebrating the release of The Leira Chronicles Boxed Sets – Enhanced Editions!

We all know YTT loves food – donuts, Cheetos, anything he can get his little paws on – and we all know he’s a giver… What better way to share the love and celebrate the launch of The Leira Chronicles Boxed Sets – Enhanced Editions on May 10th than food!
Preorder links are already out. You can check them out below:
Boxed Set #1
Boxed Set #2
And while YTT would LOVE to deliver food to you, we all know there’s a good possibility the food wouldn’t make it to you because he’s a hungry troll. Instead, enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card and choose the delivery service near you from: DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats.
Contest is open to U.S. Residents only.

Click here to enter!

Martha will be hitting the road this September with Craig Martelle to meet up with Fans. At last! And her pockets will be full of cool stuff to give away. If you want to join them – sign up at
Space is limited and filling up kinda fast. See you soooooon!
Sept. 13 – Fort Worth, TX
Sept. 14 – Houston, TX
Sept. 15 – New Orleans, LA
Sept. 16 – Memphis, TN
Sept. 17 – Nashville, TN

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