Farewell to the old and welcoming the new year

December 31

Did you have a good Christmas?

It’s the last email you’ll be getting from us in 2022. You won’t get another one until 2023 – in just a few days in fact! The year comes to an end later today and the new year starts tomorrow. So many new things will be coming your way next year. New series and some new surprises. Martha has been teasing them a bit in the Friday lunches and more details will be coming soon as we’re ready to share them. Trust me when I say you’ll be excited to see what she has planned during this next year.

It’s Fan Pricing Saturday. That means Sophie Briggs and the Magic Thief is on sale today for just 99 cents. And it’s not just today, but tomorrow too because of the holiday. So be sure to grab your copy before Monday morning when the prices return to normal!

The next Lunch Together While Apart is scheduled for January 6. Sign up to win a pizza below!

Preorders coming in January:

Until next time…

COME ONE! COME ALL! (And bring your lunch!)

We will be doing Lunch Together While Apart at 1 p.m. Central Time on FRIDAY, January 6, and everyone is invited to attend.

Five winners will be chosen from the sign-up to receive pizzas which will be scheduled to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the lunch!

If you don’t win a pizza, bring your lunch and still join us!

To be eligible, sign up at this form: https://forms.gle/Ahyb3rpEUKjWqF3E7

Note: The chance to win a pizza offer is for those in the United States only, but everyone can join us on Zoom.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Make sure your pizza place delivers for lunch. Or note if you’re picking it up.

Sophie Briggs will have to fight her way out this time but without her elemental gift of life. It’s the spring semester of Year Two at the famous School of Roots and Vines.

The National Elemental Skills Trials are coming up, and Sophie and her friends are called to represent the school in faraway Colorado.

Dark forces and powerful, all-too-familiar enemies are out to kidnap Sophie and steal her elemental powers. They’ll stop at nothing to get their revenge.

Is there a snake in the grass?

Sophie, Marcus and the gang are out to unravel the secrets of the Defenders before Sophie’s magic is gone for good.

Will they be too distracted? Or will the secrets of the ancient tree at the School of Roots and Vines help them to victory?

Get your copy and be there over Christmas Break as they celebrate with family and friends. Until they return to fight again.



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