Final chance to preorder All Dwarf’ed Up and a new preorder!


Do you have All Dwarf’ed Up preordered?

If not, today is your last chance to preorder All Dwarf’ed Up before it releases tomorrow morning! Bonus! If you preorder it now, it will arrive on your Kindle device before you wake up – unless you’re a night owl and stay up past midnight! Then you can start reading it after midnight!

And book 4 in the series, Zero Dwarfs Given, is on preorder and releases the first Sunday of January! Preorder it now before the holiday rush so it delivers to your Kindle New Year’s Weekend! What a great way to kick off the new year, right?

Martha loved seeing all the new and old faces on the lunch on Friday! For those that were unable to attend, Ramy Vance, TR Cameron and Charley Case were all in attendance along with Martha and others! Martha also revealed two new series coming in January. The first is Magic City Chronicles by TR Cameron and it’s part of the Oriceran Universe and set in Las Vegas. The first book in that series releases Jan. 5. Then there’s Academy of Necessary Magic, also in Oriceran, which releases toward the end of January. Then in February will be Chronicles of an Urban Witch – also in Oriceran. And Charley revealed there will be three more Finnegan books in the future once he finishes a project he’s currently working on.

A lot of great stories are on the horizon and I know all the authors are excited to share them with you.

Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Return of Magic, It releases a week from Monday!

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