For Valentine’s…we give you Fan Pricing and THREE New Preorders

Feb. 13

The story continues to unfold…

Sunday’s Valnetine’s Day. If you celebrate, or not, we hope it’s a good Sunday for you.

But today is fan pricing Saturday which means What The Dwarf. is 99 cents today only. Join Johnny on his newest adventure with Lisa as they hunt someone kidnapping shifters and using banned Oriceran magic. And once you finish reading, preorder Dwarf It All so you can start it the day it releases!

And two more preorders are available as well! Continue Amanda’s story at the Academy of Necessary Magic a week from Sunday with Magic In The Marsh. Then a brand new series launches in two weeks, on Feb. 28, on Secret Agent Mom.

Bitter cold and snow are heading south into Austin where Maggie and the Pressler Street sisters are. They’re saying there could be up to six inches of snow with the cold. Martha and everyone will be hunkering down and playing it safe. We hope others do the same. We all know it won’t last too long, but enjoy the snow while you can if you get some.

Until next time…

See what fans are saying!


“Exciting and entertaining series. Congratulations to Martha Carr and Michael Anderle for this amazing series. It’s extremely hard to find such interesting and exciting authors who not only write intelligently but also provide top rated plots, characters and excitement in the stories. I’m really looking forward to the next book.”

“A new adventure! Love me some Johnny and Lisa.”

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