Good news and an update!

It’s that time of year!

Martha, her assistant, and many LMBPN authors, including Michael Anderle and other authors are heading to Vegas next week for the 20Books writing conference followed by the author signing day on Friday, November 13. If you’re heading to Vegas, be sure to visit with Martha and get some of the nifty swag she has. I’ve seen the postcards, buttons, wristbands and other trinkets you are going to love.

She’s also raffling off 2 sets each of the Leira Chronicles and Dwarf Bounty Hunter – but you must be present to win!

More preorders will be coming – possibly before next week – for multiple series. We’re trying to get ahead of things now that things are slowing down.

Martha also got some great news this week. The side effects outweigh the good of the chemo and after five treatments, Martha is done! She wants everyone to know she has really appreciated the cards, stories and gifts she has gotten through the treatments. They mean a lot to her.

Friday was a small get together for the Lunch Together While Apart. Martha couldn’t make it, but Sarah filled in for her and fun was had by all. We’ll be getting together again in December. Hope to see you there.

Until next time…

P.S. Which series are you most looking forward to?



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