Good things come in threes: a new release, a sneak peek and fan pricing


Good things come in threes!

It has been a crazy busy week!

The week kicked off with Halloween and Martha had a Halloween extravaganza in the Dark Forest at her house! It ended with a new series launching, Pizza Friday, and fan pricing Saturday!

First up, FAN PRICING SATURDAY! Ride The Thunder has been a bestseller since it released last week! Thank you to all of you fans who preordered, purchased after it released or read in KU! We appreciate it! And if you’re picking it up today, we appreciate that too! Get the conclusion to The Warrior series with this release! Find out how Idina and her team solve the latest problem and what they have to sacrifice to fix everything by getting your copy! Remember: Price goes back up to normal price on Sunday, so don’t delay in grabbing your copy!

There is also a boxed set sale going on through this weekend and longer. Get The Evermores Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set for just 99 cents! Eight great books in the Oriceran Universe! Check it out!​

Now on to the new release! Big Monster Money released Friday morning! Get to know Matt Bordelon, a former Silver Griffin, who is now working as a bounty hunter in New Orleans. Protecting a witch, trying to figure out who’s killing cops, and track down monsters keep his hands full, but he wouldn’t have it any other way! Get your copy and find out if the Big Easy Bounty Hunter can bag his deadly bounty or whether dark forces will prevail in the battle for magical law and order. NOTE: This won’t be discounted until NEXT Saturday since it released yesterday!

Another new series starts on Monday. Check out the sneak peek of Sign Your Fears Away below!

Thanks to everyone for coming to lunch on Friday. Craig Martelle was the special guest host this week! We hope to see everyone in December!

Preorders coming through the end of the month:

Until next time…

Norah watched the flame dancing across the man’s fingers with the sinking realization that she was mesmerized. The fire, a candle’s worth, flickered over his fingernails, which were crusted with half-burned grease. She tried to look away, but her neck was stiff, and what could be better to look at than this captivating blaze? Her corneas stung, trapped unblinking in the cool Los Angeles night air, and she snorted.

The man in front of her was supposed to fall into her trap, not the other way around. Rude! Half-dwarf and half-elemental, he was short and almost as wide as he was tall. With his tight black jeans tucked into dainty-heeled cowboy boots embroidered with flowers and skulls, he looked like a triangle balancing on its point. Her old friend Stellan, a dwarf who worked in the props department of the latest superhero blockbuster, had told her a teamster named Vince was not-very-subtly offering to sell information about some ex-Silver Griffin agents in the Bay Area who sounded like Norah’s parents.

Now, Vince was here. Through Stellan, Norah had passed a message to him that she was interested in buying whatever he had to sell. She’d said the Silver Griffins had imprisoned her father in Trevilsom, and she was out for revenge. A decent cover story. No one would find out Lincoln was quietly tending goats in Northern California.

Something had been off when she’d arrived. Normally, the grid of 202 lampposts in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was lit all night, controlled by an astronomical clock that turned them off at dawn. Instead, she’d found them dark, except for the one Vince leaned against as he coolly manipulated a small flame with his hands.

Now she was fucking mesmerized. This was why she hated art. She sighed internally and painted a dazed smile on her face. “Pretty,” she said, doing her best brain-dead ingenue impression.

Check out the sneak peek for Sign Your Fears Away!

See what fans are saying about RIDE THE THUNDER:

“Fantastic series!

What an entertaining adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Idina and her various platoons she seemed to be thrown into at any given moment. Trigger was hilarious with the amount of foul language that came out of her mouth. I couldn’t help but care for the SSS. They had to be my favorite part of the story. Watching how Idina figured out how to get them to work together was amazing. I hope to be able to read more adventures of this crew in the future. Thank you so much!”
–Kindle Customer

“Nooooo!!! This cannot be the end!”
–Amazon Customer

“Keep going!

Really enjoy reading this and hope you will keep it up!”
–Robert S.

“Action packed and a surprise ending!

Enjoyed this series very much. All the things I like heroine, action, magic and good story line.”
–Kindle Customer


Magical criminals require magical solutions.

Who answers the call when the mundane police dial 911?

Matt Bordelon—former Silver Griffin, wizard, and the Big Easy Bounty Hunter.

Matt has a good thing going. Deliver justice to magicals? Check. Keep the world safe from threats? Check. Make good money doing it? Cha-ching.

Unless his bounty ends up dead when the paperwork specifies alive, that is. Good thing he’s a pro at avoiding that.

Then he stumbles across a dark witch embroiled in a vicious spell battle with a dark wizard and feels compelled to aid her.

Is subtle magic at play to influence him? Or is it something else?

Matt doesn’t know, but he shelters the gorgeous woman on the run from dangerous enemies anyway. Meanwhile, a powerful magical threat is murdering mundane cops in his town. Worse, no one can identify the shadowy entity behind the killings.

Matt is on the case, but can he survive the coming battles, magical and emotional?

Get your copy and find out if the Big Easy Bounty Hunter can bag his deadly bounty or whether dark forces will prevail in the battle for magical law and order.



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