Henry takes on new challenges this week – find out what they are


Henry and his friends face unique challenges this week…

Martha is in Chicago for the weekend! If you are meeting up with her for lunch today, be sure to take pictures and share them on Facebook in her groups! I’m sure it will be a fun time for all.

Did you see? Protector released on Thursday and Henry and his friends are in for a strange and twisty ride. Kunith is loose and her powers are a lot stronger and more dangerous than they realized. When the team members are ported to different parallel universes, the stakes get even higher. Will they be able to figure out how to get back to their universe and prevent Kunith from going after their world? Grab your copy to continue the adventures today!

Note: Because Protector was released on Thursday, it won’t be at Fan Pricing until next weekend (August 27).

If you were waiting for the boxed set of Rogue Agents of Magic so you can binge-read it, your wait is over! Grab your copy of the Rogue Agents of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set for just 99 cents this week! Join Diana and her team as they face new challenges when they’re no longer trusted by the government and they have more enemies than before gunning for them!

It’s also your last chance to preorder ​Three If By Fate. It releases on Monday, August 22! ​

Preorders available:

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Henry Neumann was a shifter with a plan.

Get the powerful Pictish stone, the box of essence, rescue Nicole, and get everyone off the island and back to Seattle.

No plan survives contact with the enemy, especially if Stryker is involved.

Back in Seattle, darkness is filling the sky.

The ancient goddess, Kunith, is loose. In a gnarly twist, the ancient being, Stryker might be the only chance they have to bring her down. Can he be trusted?

Getting everyone to safety is Henry’s main concern but when they step through a portal, Henry finds himself in a Seattle he doesn’t recognize.

He’s in a dangerous parallel universe and Kunith is free to prey on Henry’s hometown.

He will need more help than the team he has formed.

Will the Midnight Collective aid them? Will the Pict relic Henry possesses play a role? Who can control its power?

Get your copy to find out how Henry Neumann can fight on to keep the world safe and his secret life as a shifter a secret.

Who do you call when magical trouble threatens?

The Feds used to call on Diana Scheen and her team of agents.

What happens when the Feds they trusted no longer trust them?

Pick up this complete 8-book action-packed, urban fantasy series to continue the story from Federal Agents of Magic in the Oriceran Universe.

Diana Sheen and her team have been the Feds go-to Agents when magical trouble threatens.

Their ongoing mission to collect dangerous Rhazdon Artifacts is more important than ever.

Enemies don’t stand a chance. Cutting-edge technology, honed magical skills and artifact weapons gave them an advantage.

But what happens when the Feds they trusted no longer trust them?

Diana, Rath the troll, Cara, Bryant, and the rest of the team will have to turn to the allies they’ve made on their missions. Ruby Achera arrives from Magic City. Diana even reaches out to Nylotte, the Drow mentor. But is she far more than she seems?

Can any of it be enough when the foundations you counted on have turned on you? Only time will tell if the skills Diana learned from her old mentors help her escape and then – fight back.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Diana, Rath, and the rest on their new adventure!

Books included in this boxed set:

  1. Rogue Ops
  2. Rogue Agents on the Run
  3. Rogue Rescue
  4. Rogue Retribution
  5. Rogue Agents on the Hunt
  6. Rogue Rampage
  7. Rogue Agents Unbroken
  8. Rogue Victory



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