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Contest winners, fan pricing, a special announcement, and more!

I’ve got a whole bunch of things to tell you about today, so I’m not going to dally, I’m going to get right to it!

It’s fan pricing Saturday! If you were waiting for today to pick up your copy of Ready For All, don’t delay! It’s now 99 cents and it will only be that price until sometime Sunday morning.

Martha is planning a get-together in August in Chicago! Check out the information below!

July is ending with a bang. All of the contest winners have been notified and confirmed their prizes – or most of them have. If you entered the swag contest, please check your email and confirm – those confirming after July 28 won’t be shipped the swag packs until the end of August when Martha’s assistant returns from vacation. Congratulate the winners below:

  • Do you believe in magic giveaway: Rhyanna D.
  • Do you like werewolves giveaway: Tami B.
  • A witch and her dragon giveaway: Mikhail R.
  • Mugs from the various groups and pages giveaway (Note: we still need a response from one of the winners, please check Facebook for a PM or tags or both):  Debra S.,Veronica S., Beatrice S., Joanne R., Alfred W., Kerry Lee L., Malyssa B., Freya L., Tammy A., Cody I.; Diane S., Michael S., Andrew S., Sarah M., Paul D., and Samantha L.

These are the last boxed sets on sale for 99 cents for July! Get them while you can. I also know more boxed sets are coming soon for several series that have been completed. Keep an eye out for them.

Other announcements…

We’d also like to remind everyone there WILL NOT be a lunch coming up in August. We’ll be back in September for the lunch and sign-ups to win a pizza that week will be posted closer to the event.

Today (July 30) is the last day to get your preorder in for Witch With An Enemy. It looks like quite a few of you have already preordered it and we thank you for that. Then a new series is coming in August – The School of Roots and Vines. Check out the preorder for Sophie Briggs and the Spike of Death available below! It’s a series tied to The Warrior series!

Other preorders available:

Until next time…

Join Martha for brunch on August 20!

Do you live in Chicago or the surrounding area! If so, Martha wants to take fans to brunch at Avli in Lincoln Park.
Let her know by replying to this email, or commenting on one of her posts on Facebook about it, or sending her a message! Brunch will be at NOON on August 20.

See what fans are saying:

“Please tell me that Idina and company will be back for MANY more adventures! Awesome series that I have enjoyed greatly.”

“Just as exciting as the first!

Didn’t see this part of the series coming. Looking forward to how the authors move the warriors to deal with the circumstances they have created.”
–Kindle Customer

“I’ve enjoyed all these books, and I am very pleased the author transitioned from the fight-the-family-curse story ark to a more open-ended story. This promises many more novels!”
–John T. S.



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