Idina faces new challenges, new tests, and a new group. Continue her story!


Idina’s story continues this week with book 7 of The Warrior!

Did you have a good three-day weekend? Are you back to the grind today? Or are you enjoying the summer and more time off (or if you’re retired, all the time off)? We hope you had a great break if you got one and some downtime soon if you didn’t.

Can you believe it’s the end of May already? It really doesn’t seem like it should be June already, but here we are! But that means a great read is here for you too!​​

​​Idina’s finally a part of a unit where magic is normal in  Win Where I Fight, They all have magical powers they can use in different situations. Question is, can they figure out how and when to use them while working together as a team? And will Idina get the answers from her uncle she so desperately needs? Continue the adventures today!

The next lunch together while apart will be Friday, June 3. Sign up to win a pizza here.

Preorder your copies of Magic AwakensOne If By LandWitch With A Grudge, and Defender today!All of these books release later in June! Preorder your copies now!

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Richard MacBlair has all the answers Idina Moorfield needs and is finally willing to share them. Well, most of them.

Who knew there was a whole special forces division? Dedicated to people exhibiting magical powers to deal with unique challenges?

Things are starting to make a lot more sense to Idina.

But a lot more changes may be coming her way.

She has to face new challenges. A series of tests to determine if she’s good enough for a new special forces group.

Are there other monsters bigger and badder than the Olc out there? Has Richard taught her enough to help her advance? And stay alive.



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