If you like fan pricing, this is a great weekend for you!


So many books, not enough time –
especially this weekend!

Thank you to everyone who showed up to Lunch Together While Apart. Even though Martha was unable to attend, fun was had by all and things ran a bit over. It was good to see everyone and I’ve heard everyone is looking forward to the next get together in June!

It’s Saturday so that can only mean one thing! Fan Pricing Saturday is here. That means For Dwarf’s SakeA Hunt In Magic City, and The Never Ending War (aka WarMage) series boxed set are all 99 cents! Get them today before the price goes back up tomorrow. And remember, reviews really do help! If you have a chance to leave a review, Martha and the other authors really appreciate them!

It’s your last chance to preorder Rogue Mom. It releases tomorrow. Tuesday marks the release of Book 8 in the Goth Drow Unleashed series. It’s not available for preorder but it will be in that Tuesday email. Then both boxed sets in The Leira Chronicles are on preorder and release on Monday. A sale will be happening soon on the first boxset, so keep an eye out for it. Check them out below.

Don’t forget about the contest for U.S. Residents only to win a gift card for food delivery!

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Another hit! See what the fans are saying!

“I love this series.

Every adventure with Johnny and the hounds is extremely enjoyable. That the author has developed these characters in each and every book is amazing. In some series I’ve read the story may progress but the characters seem to be stuck in their personalities that never change. Johnny, Lisa, Rex and Luther continue to grow and that to me is as important as moving the story along. Well done Martha and Michael, well done.”

“I highly recommend this intense, imaginative book, as well as the series and spinoffs thereof, to all readers who love reading well written paranormal fantasy. Enjoy!”
–Kindle Customer

“Love that dwarf!

The adventures just keep getting better and more interesting! The characters keep growing and becoming more challenging!! What will happen with the borgs?”
–Carole S.


Check out the reviews on this latest release!

“Keeping the innocent safe while staying out of the clutches of the PDA makes for a narrow path through. Add assassination attempts and kidnapings and the plot thickens.

Almost constant action in this one. Eagerly awaiting the next book!”

“Exciting, excellent and very entertaining series!”


Girl meets dragon. Girl works to befriend dragon. A large, red, dangerous dragon.
From bestselling authors Martha Carr and Michael Anderle, get this 8-book complete fantasy series today!
Raven Alby will have to train her new ride and save the dragon’s life or die trying.
Mix in starting at Fowler Academy as a first year, becoming a stronger mage and oh… people disappearing.
It’s all adding up to typical teenager stuff for a young mage.
First lesson Raven will learn? Don’t ever let anything come between a girl and her dragon.
Novels included in this complete series boxed set:
  1. WarMage: Unexpected
  2. WarMage: Unrestrained
  3. WarMage: Uncontrolled
  4. WarMage: Undeniable
  5. WarMage: Unleashed
  6. WarMage: Unrelenting
  7. WarMage: Night Riders
  8. WarMage: Dragon Rider
Scroll back to the top and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to binge-read this fan-loved series today!

Do you like dragons?

If so, check out this book fair featuring dragons! You’re bound to find some new books or new series on sale at discounted prices.

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