Is art just in the eye of the beholder?


Did you have a good, restful weekend? Did you get caught up on reading all of our great books? Or at least partially caught up? Some weeks it’s hard to get caught up with all the books we release and last week was definitely one of those weeks. At least we have a few less this week.

Lucy, her family and the Silver Griffins are tracking down magical artists in Los Angeles in Ogres and Mom. What harm is there in magical art coming to life? Besides non-magicals learning that magic is real? A lot when the art becomes dangerous! Continue the adventures today with your copy!

Did you see? Martha has a Discord channel for fans to chat among themselves, share photos and more in real-time! You still have time to check it out!

For those of you that missed the meeting on Friday, Martha announced there will be another WarMage series. And she told fans if there was enough requests, there could be more Goth Drow, but she needs to hear that from all of you. So if you’re really looking forward to it, be sure to drop a note or leave a comment in her Facebook group on the thread about Goth Drow. ​

Have you checked out Summer Solstice Shenanigans yet? Martha and 25 other authors have stories in it. I might seen just how massive the paperback is. It’s well worth it!

Until next time…​​

Lucy Heron knew Los Angles was a little weird, but dangerous magic is upping the ante and making art 3D.

At first, it was just one incident, but trouble never stops there.

Graffiti is peeling itself off the walls and starting fights on the streets of L.A.. Paintings are coming to life and stepping out of their frames.

Tucked at the bottom of the art is the only clue – the tag, VX.

Can the Silver Griffin Agent tag the art back before humans start to notice it’s not part of a movie? And what is happening at a strange tattoo parlor? The Silver Griffins will need to cover the entire city to put a stop to it.

Tracking down the mystery artist, organizing PTA fundraisers, keeping an eye on the Underfoots. It takes a magical mom and her family to juggle it all.

Get your copy to join Lucy, her family and the Silver Griffins as they discover art is not just in the eye of the beholder.



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