It takes a magical mom to juggle everything, including fan pricing!


Can you believe we’re halfway through July already? Next month school starts for a lot of children and the rest will start right after that in September. Next thing you know it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Where has the time gone?!?

​I’m sure some of that time has been taken up by reading great books. It’s a good thing we have some more for you this weekend.​

It’s fan pricing Saturday which means Ogres and Mom is on sale for 99 cents today only! Get your copy today before the price goes back up sometime tomorrow.

Have you picked up the combination boxed set of No Fear and The Codex? It’s still on sale so still you have time to pick it up!​​

Did you see? Martha has a Discord channel for fans to chat among themselves, share photos and more in real-time! The last link for Discord expired, so here’s a new invite if you haven’t joined us yet!

Have you checked out Summer Solstice Shenanigans yet? Martha and 25 other authors have stories in it. I might seen just how massive the paperback is. It’s well worth it!

Until next time…

See what the fans are saying:

“Extraordinarily magical!

I highly recommend this imaginative book to readers of all ages, (as the song goes” from 1 to 92″). They are endearing and thoroughly entertaining while also bring the problems of the world into focus compassionately.

I’d like to thank the writing team for prolifically creating these fascinating series of books. They are exciting vacations from reality when we most need them. May God bless all who make these books possible.”
–Kindle Customer

“Loving that Heron Family!

Carr and Anderle have brought us another fantastic book and they need to keep it up forever! Ok, maybe not forever, but the story possibilities are endless! The characters come to life and jump off.the pages into the minds eye like no other! Fun, magical and thought provoking, that sums up the secret agent Mom series!”
–Kindle Customer




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