Johnny and Lisa are hot on the trail of cyborgs and a mad doctor. Can they catch them?


Fan pricing and a last chance to preorder!

Fan pricing Saturday is here! Dwarf It Al! is 99 cents today only! Continue Johnny and Lisa’s story as they track down cyborgs and a mad doctor in this latest installment. It sounds like readers are really enjoying this one and I hope you do too!

Don’t forget, the dreaded time change happens this weekend for those of you located in the United States. We lose an hour of sleep or reading time on Sunday.

It’s your last chance to order The Mom Identity as it releases tomorrow,  March 14, You still have a little bit of time to preorder the next two. Curse in the Glades releases March 21 and Cluster Dwarf releases April 4.

Until next time…

See what fans are saying about Dwarf It All!

“I truly am enjoying this series.. Nice to see Johnny slowly inching out of his shell. The hounds provide great comic relief! Good diaialogue sharp wit, and adventure! Read this book!

–Kindle Customer

“Wow, there are certainly been a lot of changes happening with Johnny, Lisa and the Hounds! The “Simple Life” in the swamps appear to have set sail (reference Houseboat) and his “Crew” has grown in a complicated fashion. I wonder what’s coming next?”

“This series just gets better and better. Character development and humor are spot on. Rex and Luther never disappoint! Keep them coming Martha Carr and Michael Anderle!!!?


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