Johnny’s back this week in Dwarf It All!


It’s another winner!

It looks like you all are REALLY enjoying the Dwarf Bounty Hunter. Dwarf It Al! is already a best seller! I know it thrills Martha to see how much you guys are enjoying this series and the other series. If you haven’t picked it up yet, Johnny, Lisa, and the dogs are dealing with lingering issues in Albuquerque. But that’s not the only problem. Oh no. Cyborgs are real and they’re going BOOM where they aren’t supposed to. Can they catch the mad doctor behind the cyborgs in time? Get your copy to find out!

Don’t forget, we still have preorders coming up. The Mom Identity releases March 14, Curse in the Glades releases March 21 and Cluster Dwarf releases April 4.

Until next time…

Nothing in Albuquerque is as it seems. Johnny Walker can tell from the moment he arrives.

Why do you think a Level 6 Bounty Hunter is still alive?

The crime syndicate has invaded more minds than anyone thought possible. It should have been impossible. But dead men tell no tales or cast spells, right? Then why does it seem like a dead man is casting the magic involved?

Johnny and Lisa follow the trail and what they find there only leads to more questions.

Cyborgs are real. And one just went rogue. And another. And another.

This can’t be good.

Can Johnny and his team find the mad doctor responsible for rogue cyborgs blowing up multiple cities?

Time for the bounty hunter turned private investigator to turn up the heat, track them down and bring them in.

Click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to find out. Join Johnny, Lisa and the hounds as they hunt down a mad doctor in Dwarf It All.

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