Join Idina as she faces new tests and challenges


Idina’s story gets a lot more exciting this week!

Another week has come and gone. With this week we ended May and began June! It’s crazy how fast this year is moving compared to the past two. Summer is definitely here and Martha was talking about how to stay cool next week with how hot it will be where she is.

It’s Fan Pricing Saturday! That means Win Where I Fight is 99 cents today only! Grab your copy to continue Idina’s adventures and find out what her next plans are this weekend. Don’t forget, price goes back to normal sometime Sunday morning, so don’t delay. Get it ASAP!

Another wonderful Lunch Together While Apart took place on Friday. A few faces we haven’t seen in a while as well as plenty of regular faces showed up. It was proven, once again, that TR Cameron is a real person and not a robot like everyone teases him he is. The next lunch will be held on July 8. August will be canceled and then the next will be in September.

Preorder your copies of Magic AwakensOne If By LandWitch With A Grudge, and Defender today! All of these books release later in June! Preorder your copies now!

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We need your input!

Martha is planning to host an Oriceran fan convention sometime next year and she needs your help to decide when the convention will be!

If you would like to attend and could potentially attend, please use ONE of these options to answer the survey. Note: there are three options, please only vote in one. we will be adding them together.

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See what the fans are saying!

“Yes, please!

​​Win Where I Fight contains the special ops real/training engagements I would expect, more answers to questions throughout the series and of course that “ending-not ending” that leaves me begging for more. Carr and Anderle have teamed up with a winning series that I hope might continue beyond the next book.”
–Amazon Customer

“Excellent reading adventure.

Always expect the unexpected. Never a dull moment in the action. I can not predict what happens next, and that is why I come back for more.”

“​Screwy—but fun!

This was really enjoyable as Idina gets more answers and moves into the next phase of her career, her life and her relationship with he uncle. The mind games are annoying and hopefully won’t be a major part of future books. Can’t wait to see this story expand with new characters and creatures!”



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