Keep an eye out for Martha reading snippets!

Now in the Martha Carr Fans Facebook Group, Martha is reading snippets from upcoming releases and favorites from past releases.

A regular date and time is being determined, but stay tuned to the Facebook group to see when the next session will be!

If you aren’t a part of the group, there’s no better time to join!

See you there!

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3 Responses

  1. I wanted to let you know that the offer about getting two free stories from the main Martha Carr website after signing up to receive the newsletter isn’t offering the two stories listed. It only offers the Peabrain Society story. I thought you may want to know, so the second story could be removed from the website listing.

    Thank you very much for posting these free stories along with the books within Kindle Unlimited. Being on a limited budget, I read most of my books that way now, if not through a local library. I am curious how authors get paid for the Kindle Unlimited books that are published. Does it help to have each individual book read, or the book bundles of 3 or more books? If this doesn’t impact on author’s being paid how do they get reimbursed for their time, effort and artistry? I would like to be sure to give the author the best option that I can supply so they will be able to continue writing future novels for all to enjoy. Hopefully it’s not based on the time it takes to read, as I can be a voracious and fast reader.

    I am very grateful for authors who post via Kindle Unlimited. I read between 5 and 9 books on average each week and if I had to pay for each of these novels I would not be able to afford reading as many as I do. Thank you for offering such great books in an affordable way. I even take the time to read the author’s notes. I figure if they take the time to write them, I should give them my respect and read them. I’ve only read the 8 books in the Leira Chronicles, so far, so from that perspective, Ms Carr is waiting for her new house to be completed. Congratulations! I look forward to reading the rest of the Oriceran Universe books and any other novels that get published and of course the notes.

    Aloha! MotherFuckers!

    Todd Lane

    1. Welcome aboard Todd! I’ve asked my admin, Grace (who is wonderful) to check into it. There should still be two stories that you receive. I’m glad you’re here and enjoying the books so much. 🙂 There’s a lot of new ones to check out including The Adventures of Maggie Parker (a new Universe!)

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