Last chance: Preorder Abomination in the Bog!


The weekend is here and it’s the last weekend before a 3-day weekend! Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend? A last-minute vacation? Grilling out with friends? An end-of-summer bonfire? Whatever your plans are, I hope you enjoy it!

If you haven’t picked up The Fairhaven Chronicles Boxed Set: The Complete Series boxed set yet, it’s still on sale for a little while longer. And if you enjoy boxed sets, I hear there’s a boxed set sale next week and the following week you just might enjoy!

Have you preordered Abomination in the Bog yet? If not, you only have a few hours left to do so because it releases tomorrow, August 29. Don’t miss out on the exciting conclusion to the Academy of Necessary Magic series!

Then we still have three preorders releasing in the future available. First one releases on September 5, and is the last book in the Dwarf Bounty Hunter series, Dwarfin’ Done. Then, A Mom, A Wand, And A Mission, the last book in Case Files of an Urban Witch comes out. And finally, a new series I know you’re all eagerly awaiting, Rogue Agents of Magic, launches September 21 with Rogue Ops! Don’t miss out!

Have you picked up Summer Solstice Shenanigans yet? If you don’t have your copy, don’t delay. There’s only a short period of time remaining to get your copy! And if you like paperback books, you should pick this one up. It’s quite a hefty book.

The next Lunch Together While Apart will take place on September 10. Sign-ups to win a pizza will be sent out next week.

Enjoy the week and happy reading!

Until next time…

Check out what fans are saying:

“Yes. All the yes. Oh okay, more words. Um… Amazeballs. Do have a read. You won’t wanna put it down. Great stories, great writing. 100%”

“The Fairhaven “world” is well developed with multi-faceted characters. The plot is well thought out and moves from disaster to disaster, just the way it should! Enjoy.”
–Cathy Miller

“Just freaking wow!

This story is wonderful. It is all that a great storyteller strives for! All the characters ebb and flow very well together. A great story and I ask for more Fairhaven!!!”
–Kresti Ann




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