Last chance to get these boxed sets before more are discounted next week


It’s your last chance to get these 5 boxed sets at 99 cents!

If you aren’t in Martha’s Facebook groups or following her on her fan page, you may have missed some news we are all celebrating. So we’re sharing it here:

“Got a very very good report from all the tests at MD Anderson. All is finally well and I am at long last past the cancer. I have the heart and lungs of a 330-year-old Love you all very much. Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to check on me, send notes, drop off dinner, sit next to me, take very slow walks, send flowers and gifts and let me know I am always surrounded by love. It’s been a very long year and a half. I reenter the world of the living and have lost my excuse for not working out. I’ve never been so happy about getting up early to go to the gym.”

Talk about the best news to get this week!

Next week, three new books are releasing in addition to six more boxed sets on sale! If you don’t have copies of Two If By MagicSentinel, and Witch With An Enemy, preordered already, here’s your chance to get them!

If you haven’t picked up these boxed sets already, today is your last chance to get them for 99 cents:

Next week we’ll have 5 more Oriceran boxed sets for you to pick up for just 99 cents. Keep an eye out for them. They go on sale on Sunday!

Other announcements…

Are you interested in winning a mug? Reply to either thread (or both) on Martha’s page and the Oriceran page for your chance to win.

A new contest is available for your enjoyment. If you are a fan of Cait and Aza, a witchy and dragon themed contest is now under way. Enter for your chance to win here!

If you like werewolves and shifters, the Diary of a Dark Monster Contest is perfect for you! Enter for your chance to win 1 Grand Prize consisting of a werewolf statuette, wolf lamp, Diary of a Dark Monster mug, and a leather-bound journal/diary. Don’t miss out!

Have you entered for your chance to win some sweet Oriceran swag? Postcards, popsockets, buttons, and more? If not, enter for your chance to win here! There will be 25 winners!

Have you heard of Dragon Con? There are awards where readers can nominate books for authors for a chance to win a Dragon Award. We’re doing a push for Martha to be nominated for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy with Get Smoked Or Go Home. You can only nominate once, so check out the form here and sign up those folks you think are appropriate for the categories. If you haven’t done this already, you have 10 days. Last day is July 19!

There are two preorders remaining! Ready For All  releases toward the end of the month. And a new series is coming in August – The School of Roots and Vines. Check out the preorder for Sophie Briggs and the Spike of Death available below! It’s a series tied to The Warrior series!

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