Last chance to preorder next week’s releases!


Last chance for some preorders, others coming soon

The first releases for this year are coming up next week with Magic Source and Above the Storm. They release Monday and Wednesday respectively. If you don’t have your copies preordered, your last chance to do so is the next couple of days. Don’t miss out!

And if you’re waiting for another audiobook, Cluster Dwarf is available for preorder and releases on February 9. Preorder your copy asap and then you can get it the minute it releases.

Coming up next week is Rogue Agents on the Hunt. Preorder your copy to continue the adventures with Diana and her team. Then next up is Chaos and Gunfire!

And more preorders are lined up and will be shared soon! Which ones are you looking forward to?

It was great to see everyone who showed up for the first Lunch Together While Apart of 2022. In addition to Martha, TR Cameron and Charles Tillman joined the party. Charles has a series coming later in the year within Oriceran called Big Easy Bounty​ Hunter. More details will be coming later this year, but you all deserve a little teaser. Be sure to check out a lunch if you ever have a chance. Some fun little tidbits are revealed each time! Next one will be February 4!​

Until next time…

Johnny Walker used to live a quiet life in the Florida swamps with his two hound dogs by his side. Life has changed…a lot.

It’s a full house with teenage Amanda home for winter break and four confused cyborgs living with him. Johnny needs an escape.

Time to go hunt some monsters.

He’ll even need the help of the cyborgs for this one.

Weapons are being smuggled that can make things go boom across a city block. Definitely not something they want the bad guys to get their hands on. But the monsters are getting cocky and want to take on Dwarf the Bounty Hunter.

Johnny has seen their kind before and he has a few new assets of his own. An Elven partner with a gun, four disobedient cyborgs, and two coonhounds that talk back.

These weapons smugglers have no idea what’s coming. Just the way Johnny likes it.

Preorder your copy!


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