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Let’s talk audiobooks!

I know many of you readers enjoy listening to books as well as reading them. Every time we have a break in releases, I try to catch up on recent audiobook releases. Good thing I have three emails to talk about audiobooks before the next release of Protector on August 18.

There are quite a few new audiobooks that have released, so I’ll be grouping them by series to share with you all. First up this week are the first three books in the Case Files of an Urban Witch series, Secret Agent MomThe Mom Identity, and One Mom Army. The first two are available now and the last one is on preorder and releases August 23!

Keep an eye out on Saturday – we’ll be talking about all of the Rogue Agents of Magic audiobooks that are out (and there are a lot)!

Which audiobooks or narrators have you enjoyed the most?​​
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Preorders available:

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Lucy Heron is a mom with three kids, and a baker with a happy marriage in sunny Echo Park. She’s also Silver Griffins Agent 485.

The suburbs will never be the same.

Fighting supernatural crime from a minivan while keeping the magical world a secret is a full time job. Then there’s the PTA bake sale and the neighborhood barbecue.

Hard to balance even with a wand.

And now, a monstrous loan shark is spreading his shadowy empire from a hidden kemana. Mix in a tribe of ancient witches and tunnel-dwelling magical misfits.

Turns out, Los Angeles is hiding a lot of secrets just underneath your feet.

Can Lucy put the bad guys behind Trevilsom bars and still get home in time for family dinner? What are her magical kids up to and do they have their own spy network?


Silver Griffins Agent 485 Lucy Heron is on the trail of a string of magical thefts. But first, she has to pick up the kids from school.

Talk about trying to find a life and work balance.

Dylan is in that awkward middle school phase when magic can turn a friend into a frog and back again. Did anyone notice? And third-grader Ashley keeps recruiting friends for her own secret agency to fight magical crime.

Kids these days. The Heron children are even training the good dog, Buddy, to track down magical bad guys.

So far, the family business is still a well-guarded secret. Can they keep it that way?

The criminals in town have taken notice and they’ve set up their own school of unwanted magic. Will the Heron Family figure out how to flunk them all before they overrun the City of Angels?

Join Lucy, her family, Jackie, and Ellis as they take down magical criminals and show them don’t mess with a Heron. The suburbs will never be the same.


Leave it to a Magical Mom to clean up the streets of the city of Los Angeles. Lucy Heron, Agent 485, is on the job, and trying to keep things together at home.

It’s not an easy job . . . Especially when pipes are bursting, your kids are trying to solve crimes, and a dangerous new monster is polluting the city.

Gives a whole new meaning to the LA smog.

More people, magical and mundane, are getting sick from breathing in the poisoned air. Do Lucy and her team have a way to fight back the invisible foe?

Here’s a hint—their plant-talking skills better be on point. A little bit of the old Oriceran skill set is needed. Fast.

Join Lucy, Jackie, Sarah, and more as they track down the Oriceran monster attacking the city of angels.



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