New Release! Book 1 of The Witches of Pressler Street Now Available!

Being three young witches has its perks… until you set things in motion you never meant to.

The Hadstrom sisters are all grown up and Laura, Nickie and Emily are just starting to pursue their own lives.

Life is going according to plan until Dad turns over their ancestral legacy to them one day too late.

Turns out they’re the keepers of a magical prison where a deadly creature has been locked away for millennia.
But Laura accidentally set that creature free and no one knows how to put it back.

The sisters are running out of time. They need to find the witch-killer, weaken it with iron and lock it back in its prison before it wreaks havoc on Austin.

And it’s not the “Keep Austin Weird” kind of havoc either. Something deadly is coming for every witch and wizard in the city.
More bad news – He’s gunning for the Hadstrom sisters first. Time to come together and finally learn how to blend their unique powers.

Can the sisters put their differences aside and figure out how to work together to save the city? Join in the adventure with the young Hadstrom witches in The Magic Legacy!



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