New Release! Book 13 of Leira Chronicles Now Available!


Thirty-one years have passed. Leira and Correk have made a sudden return to Austin at the behest of Estelle.

No one turns down a request from Estelle.

Magicals have been found unconscious all over town. Their souls ripped from their bodies.

Is it a virus? Or is it a new foe with a gruesome scheme? Leira Berens is left with no magical trails to follow and the bodies keep piling up.

Felix Hagan has come back to help solve this case before it’s too late. Can Izzie be far behind?

An old menace has reappeared. This time with a few new tricks. Will Leira be able to put the pieces of this puzzle together in time?

Will the cure turn out to be worse than the problem?

Find out in the start of the next adventure in Return of Magic, Book 13 in The Leira Chronicles. Magic is real.



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  1. This was the hardest book to read for me. I devoured the previous 12 books in the series, but the 30 odd year jump and the constant reference to people and stories that I didn’t get to read about in full was very disconcerting. I ranted to my wife more than once about how annoyed I was. I would have loved some direction on where to pick up the pieces of these stories. But I am not even sure how to hunt it down myself or how much I have to dig through to find out that information. Just very frustrated with the series now.

    1. Book 13 has been unpublished. New books will be coming in the future with book 13 being much later in the series.

  2. So book 13 is withdrawn somehow? Id really like to read it. I would also like to figure out the back story on the development of the Academy that was apparently started by Leira and Brownstone.

    1. Book 13 was taken down a while ago and will be released as a different book to make the pieces fit together. Book 13 came out and there was too much confusion about missing years, so the missing years are coming. Book 14 never came out.

      Hope that helps.


  3. What series are these “8 books between” books 12 and 13? I really, REALLY wish there was some sort of timeline or chronology I could reference to know where the different series fall, because thats EXACTLY what I want to do, follow the story from the point it’s at at the end of book 12, to whatever is next as far as happening at the same time / near it. Anybody know where I could start, or ESPECIALLY what that 8 book series is that she mentions on the page referencing putting book 13 “on hold”, I would be extremely grateful.

    1. The 8 books haven’t come out yet and there are more books after 13 as well which is why 13 was pulled for the time being.

      We’ll be updating the graphic timeline, but I’ll also post a printable reading order of the books that currently resides in the Facebook groups.

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