New Release! Book 4 of The Adventures of Maggie Parker Now Available!

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And so the Quest Begins.

The four Elementals are united behind Maggie Parker and Bernie the Gnome. They stand at the gateway into the heart of the ship. What awaits them on the final quest to save the world?

The ship’s maze of passages have been dormant for centuries and it will take a leap of faith to complete the trials. Puzzles have never been this dangerous. One wrong move too many, and there will be no more chances.

Giant boulders chasing after them. Neon dinosaurs. Apelike creatures. Goblins. Would you be brave enough to keep going?

What happens if they fail? Maggie learns the truth of just how powerful her Elemental magic can be. But is using it to save her friends worth the price?

Find out! Scroll back to the top and click “Buy Now” or “Read for Free” to join Maggie, Bernie, Jake, Diana and the rest of the team on The Magic Quest.



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