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When life hands you lemons, lob them like hand grenades at the enemy.

Nothing is going as Idina Moorfield planned. Magical powers she didn’t know she had are erupting, distracting the young magical.

Her CO is not feeling it and her team is not cooperating. How to turn things around without magic?

Magic will have its day. A mysterious journal has landed in her lap. Every time Idina opens it flashing green lights appear everywhere.

What is causing it and is the journal the answer to her questions about her powers?

If she could just find a way to read it… unless it’s not meant for reading.

Can Idina and her new unit work together and prove they aren’t the misfits everyone thinks they are? Can she figure out what’s going on with her powers or who has been watching her?

Grab your copy to continue the Warrior’s adventures today!



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  1. I enjoy discovery fantasy where the there is the adventure of discovering self. So thank you for your creative efforts in this venue. I also find it interesting to answer questions with quirky answers. Your co-writer Michael Anderle provided one when he commented on being cold with a minor shift of several degrees of temperature. I live in the high desert at 2000 ft in California. We often get temperatures of 100 to 118 degrees F in our summer. Usually when we open our car windows the wind just makes us hotter. This last summer the wind still provided wind chill at over 100 degrees F. When I puzzled over this interesting phenomena I discovered it had to do with Humidity. In the deep drought condition we are experiencing our humidity is often running below 10%. This on the one hand sucks us dry and we need to drink a lot of water but on the other hand the low humidity also provides cooling at these high temperatures. Michel’s problem of being cold at low temperatures is also related to humidity. The cooler temperatures of winter result is very low humidity. This results in the air not being able to hold heat and the side effects are low body heat because of loss of body fluids through evaporation. Its all a part of living the adventure of our world.

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