New Release! Book 9 of Dwarf Bounty Hunter is now available!


No teenage shifter girl. No borgs. No coonhounds. No cases. Do you know what that means?

Vacation for Johnny and Lisa!

Things are going great until Johnny gets a call from the last person he wants to talk to – his cousin Charlie Walker.

A lot of things have changed, and Charlie has some surprising updates for Johnny.…and then there’s a case he dumps on them.

Johnny should have known a break from everything was too good to be true.

Two groups of shifters are tangled in armed skirmishes created by a guy giving out join us or die ultimatums.

Johnny has another thought he’d like to share. At the end of one of his guns.

This case isn’t going to be an easy one. They have no intel on the criminals, no leads, a death to investigate and another crime lord to stop before the battles turn into an all-out war. No one is safe. Well, till Johnny shows up with the two dogs by his side.

Get your copy to join Johnny and Lisa on their newest case.


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