New Release! Book 9 of the Leira Chronicles Now Available!


Leira’s in a new town and this time she’s making up the rules.

Leira Berens has split with the Feds and is hunting magical monsters with Correk and a certain troll by her side.

Magic is on the loose and the shifters, Elves and Witches are causing trouble.

But is Wolfstan Humphrey the most dangerous one of all?

Harkin may hold the key to solving part of that riddle.

Will it be in time to help Silver Griffins survive what’s coming?

There are whispers among the dark Wizarding families that Leira’s a new kind of bounty hunter. They’d like to put a target on her back.

Time to show them all how it’s done. They’ll never see her coming.

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3 Responses

  1. I have “The Leira Chronicles The Complete Austin Series” & “Rewriting Justice: The Complete D.C. Series” which I enjoyed and I’m wondering if/how the new enhanced editions (particularly 9 onwards) tie in, are they rewrites under new names of the DC series or completely new and is there any point reading them without having read the previous enhanced editions, which are sounding like much more than the usual re-edit/re-phrase with occasional new scene I had assumed.

    1. Books 9 onward are completely new. You can read them without reading the enhanced version, you will just miss the introductions of new characters and storylines that are woven throughout. It was more than the usual re-edit for the first 8. Additional characters and story was added throughout. Book 9 picks up right where book 8 left off. Hope that helps!

  2. I’m confused. I’ve read books 1 to 8 (Leira’s Chronicles) and books 1 to 4 (Rewriting Justice).

    September 19th, I started to read book 9 (Laura’s Chronicles). And read things that happens in the “Rewriting Justice” series.
    For example…
    ….YTT meets his neighbors and goes to potluck BBQ.
    …The leader of the “Silver Griffins”, Lacy Trader. She dies at a farm, where Leira sets a trap for Sirius.

    So our you (Matha Carr) rewriting the “Rewriting Justice” series. I hope you write about her time on Oriceran. While she helps the Queen.

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