Assholes Beware.

Alison Brownstone just came to town…

Alison slammed right into the man’s back, her energy shield flashing.

“You bitch,” the man rasped. “I think you broke something.”

“Aw, poor baby. I hope I did.” Alison patted him on the back. She pulled out her 9mm and jammed it in his back. Magic had its place, but a gun was often easier. “A bullet might break a lot more.”

“Read it so fast and enjoyed it so much I am going back to read it again just to make sure I didn’t miss some exciting tidbit.” 

~Top 500 Reviewer Petert

“I love this character and look forward to seeing more of her take on carrying on the family business.” 

~Stanley Dixon (Mistovan)

I love Alison and her new adventures. Really looking forward to watching the story arc develop.”

~Kindle Customer

“More. Please.”

 ~KJ Page

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