Release Of Magic: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Leira Chronicles Book 2)

Magic is Returning to Our World… Early. 

Detective Leira Berens had her case blow up in her face.

Literally. A last-minute surge of magic was the only thing that kept her in one piece.

Now, the necklace is still in play, she has no leads and it’s time she got in touch with her feelings.

She’d rather wrestle a felon to the ground than deal with her feelings. Fortunately, there are still road trips, Cheetos and Dr. Pepper. Correk, a Light Elf is willing to help… along with a swearing troll and an entire magical community she never knew existed. Austin, Texas just got a lot more interesting.

Her new-found powers hint at something more about her DNA and oh yeah, the Feds have noticed.

But in the end, family comes first and Leira has a shot to free her mom. She’s got to take it and still do her part to save the world.

The adventure is just beginning…

Welcome to The Revelations of Oriceran.

Because some believe you can’t handle the truth.