The Gnome’s Magic: The Adventures of Maggie Parker Book 2

Maggie Parker is learning to make magic and after a showdown with Simon Wesley, it’s clear she’s running out of time. But nothing is going as planned. 

Did she just turn a mouse into a corgi? Oops… Magic is a lot more complicated than she realized. 

Not only does Maggie have to find the compass, she has to rescue a friend of her late father who may hold the answers…before the world realizes she’s living on borrowed time.

A Godwin Knight has teamed up with Maggie and Bernie, swearing to protect the Elemental on her journey, even as more humans wake up to their magic.

But Maggie needs to figure out who she can trust, including that tall drink of water, Jake. She needs a plan and fast.

Will she find the other four Elementals in time to put the machine back together?

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