September Reader Scavenger Hunt

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Let’s do something fun for the last half of September and do a reader scavenger hunt!

How it works: 
Contestants will follow the links to 11 author pages. On each page, there will be one question you must answer. Don’t worry, they are not too hard. Make sure to keep track of your answers because you will have to enter them into a Google Form at the end of the contest. Only correct answers win so make sure you know the right answers before submitting.

Not only will you get fun free offers, but you can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card. But… only correct answers win, so be at the top of your game!


I’m Martha Carr and I’m a bestselling urban fantasy/fantasy author with a lot of series set in a couple of universes as well as stand alone series. If you love strong female characters, the paranormal, portals and magic, you’re going to love my series. You can find all of my books and series under the Books in Series page here.

Before you continue your hunt, you can  introduce yourself to the Terranavis Universe with this free book: A Wish and Then Some.

Hunt Question: Go to Secret Agent Mom on Amazon and find the answer to this question:

  • What series has a witch’s hat on every cover?

When you’re done, head to the next stop on your scavenger hunt here.

If you haven’t started the scavenger hunt, check it out here at Katie French’s site.

Good luck and happy hunting!


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